Fooling Around

Monkeys are funny creatures and avidly interact with humans. For Mike, monkeys are one of his best buddies. The way they goof around together is incredible to watch and gives us an insight to the extent with which we can interact with this species.

Spreading the Love

The animals which are the most dangerous or dreaded for most of us seems to be a fun activity to interact and play with for Mike. Mike’s goal is to spread awareness and to educate kids in this regard.

Educating Kids

Mike says that his favorite activity is to educate kids about exotic and wild animals. This way, he hopes to make a better place for both humans and animals at the same time.

Visiting Hospitals

Mike has a golden heart, with all the fun and frolic in the pictures is hidden a noble cause for which he works.In his free time, Mike can be found visiting hospitals and talking to kids about animals. He just intends to give some moments of joy to the sick children by showing them cute and fluffy animals.

Mike’s Idol

Mike says that the man who influenced him the most is the late Steve Irwin. This is how Mike regards Steve Irwin: “the best man to stroll this Earth”. There are many things which make Mike similar to Steve.

Good Causes

Mike’s main aim is to lessen the gap between humans and exotic animals which has been caused by a tendency among us to regard them as dangerous and life-threatening. He just wants to show people that they are lovable too.