Human beings are social. Therefore, we are always in search of someone to be with, a partner to share our ups and downs with. We fall in love and marry our lover. But, what if after years of being together, life decided to give obstacles to block your happiness, like a health issue? What if your partner needed a kidney donor? Would you take control of the situation and try to better things or would you just give up? Would you look for a kidney donor right away? This is the remarkable story of a man who did all that he could in his power to make sure his wife found a new functioning kidney.

Meet The Winters

So who is this person who had to make sure his wife found a kidney donor? Well, meet Wayne and Deanne Winters. These two have been married for a whopping 26 years and have together under one roof happily in Farr West, Utah. Wayne is 74 years old now, placed his darling wife above everyone else. So when he discovered that his wife was not well, he got sad.