A Dangerous Rescue Mission

The man must not have ever imagined that his casual fishing trip would turn into a rescue mission. The man had actually risked his life to save the bear cub despite many fatal possibilities. What if he had got attacked by the bear cub. 

He Was Calm

The first part was done. He had managed to drag the wet bear up to the boat. Thankfully, Brad remained unscathed. “It was as calm as can be. It didn’t show any hostility towards me.” Maybe the bear cub was too exhausted to do anything or perhaps the cub knew that the man was trying to rescue it.

What Now?

He had rescued the cub but what was he going to do after that. His phone was useless as there was no network in it. Additionally, he had no experience in dealing with any kind of animal. After pondering a while, he came with a very dangerous idea. He decided to take the cub back to the forest where he had come from.       

Back On The Bank

But before that, he had to make sure that the cub was doing fine. He dried the cub with a small towel he had. After that, he steered the cub in the direction he had found bear swimming. His mother must be looking for him. However, the man did not want to confront his mother. 

Maybe She Was Waiting…

Brad shared, “I kind of figured maybe the mom swam across first.” Perhaps the cub could not match her pace and got left behind. Whereas the club was struggling in the water his mother had reached the shore. The man took the cub to the bank and put it on the ground. The cub gave a look round the forest and circled back at Brad.   


The man further explained, “because the baby was so little, it was struggling. I just figured she’d be up on the bank somewhere, so that’s where I dropped it off and figured hopefully they’d get reunited.”