If you ask anyone what the most important day of their life is? Majority of the lot would certainly list their wedding day on the top. This day is truly special because, for a couple, it marks the start of a brand new chapter together. And for Cindy and Zac Edwards, their wedding day had been planned to be exactly how they had envisioned. It would happen on a Thursday, on beautiful Alabama’s coast, full of sunshine. But something they had never anticipated took place…

Quite A Surprise
They Were Taking Wedding Pictures, Then This Happened

So as this loving couple decided to have a wedding, they wanted it to be perfect. But then, little did they know, fat had some plans too. There was a number of surprises that ended up transforming their wedding day into a day they would never forget, but not in the way they intended. What happened that day was something neither of them could have ever imagined, not even in their wildest dreams.