Going Separate Ways

Yossi Ghinsberg and his fellow travelers couldn’t believe what they just heard. They felt that the older man they’d trusted had deceived them. The team had no clues about where to head in this heavy jungle now. Distrusting of Ruprechter and his tales of gold and his claims of familiarity with the jungle and passages, the group decided to separate and try to make their respective journeys back. It was not it, the four friends didn’t know that it was the last time they were seeing each other.

Dive Into Deep Waters

Yossi and Kevin grew really close during this journey and thus decided to stay together and continue rafting on the river while it was decided that Karl and Marcus would go by foot. Unfortunately, a rock struck their raft and the boat capsized. Luckily, Kevin could make up to the shore but the currents were too high that he could not reach up to ever-adventurous Yosseph and he went down the river. Did he survive?

The Dangerous Drop

Yosseph tried his best to regain his strength to climb up the raft or any tree or branch where he could gather his breath as he was approaching a waterfall. Unfortunately, the water flow was so high that nothing could help Ghinsberg save the fall.  He was running into rocks and trees but all he did was keep his head above the water. Was he able to make up or took his last breath in the waterfall only?

Breathing Life

He was having a wild ride and was sure that it was his last one. The adventure he wanted all his life, he faced it all in just a single day. Luckily, he was washed off at the jungle shore. On regaining his senses, he could not believe that he survived the fall. He was thrilled to survive but soon only his feeling of exhilaration turned into that of disaster and despair.

Afraid And Alone

After surviving the perilous waterfall, Yosseph realized that he was left all alone. The journey which began with four acquaintances split into two and now only he was left. Left alone and afraid. He had no idea where were the remaining fellow mates of his were. His high hopes shattered and this jungle turned into his worst nightmare. He was in a desperate need of motivation and something again lifted his spirits.

Fleeting Faith

No less than a miracle, the same moment Ghinsberg’s backpack washed up and he was overjoyed to find it. He took out a book from his bag which his uncle gifted him. This book was believed to save his parents and his uncle’s life during the Holocaust. He knew that this book will help him survive. He collected his shattered spirits and looked for survival trusting his instincts, his navy training and most importantly this book.