If you are a little adventurous and the person who has a taste for thrillers, then you must be knowing that the  fictional tales often open up with a sailor struggling to survive a terrible weather, trying his hard to battle for life and eventually the climax takes you to a plot where the protagonist is successful in uncovering the treasure.

Well, bringing you out of the fictional story and getting to reality, this is an incident from Matthew Emanuel’s life who is in his mid-forties. He was a resident of Staten Island and had never imagined that after 4 years of living in the same house he would come across the unexpected in his own backyard. And what he found left his head revolving…


Matthew had his jaws dropped. He couldn’t believe that something like this had been hiding in his backyard under his nose since the last four years and he had absolutely no sense about it. It was quite hard to accept that your backyard had been holding a secret of this sort since years. What was it?