Grandparents’ house is always one happy place for kids and one of our best childhood memories are made in their house. They are the ones to introduce us to the creative world of stories; a world full of imagination. No matter how old we get, there’s always something about their house that makes us feel like home. Certainly, we can never know everything about their lives but it is always an interesting thing to do; to know the real-life incidents and happenings in our grandparents’ lives. After all, those experiences become the reason for all wisdom.

Well, sometimes our family members are experts in hiding the biggest events of their lives; so much that they take it to their grave with them. But one such secret was recently revealed on the popular social platform: Reddit.

A Happy Place

A Reddit user EvilEnglish remembered how he spent most of the holidays at his grandparents’ place that was in Tennessee. It was their happy place and the couple has been living there ever since they got married. They bought a house and made it their home, a place where they dreamt of growing old together and they actually did grow old together. The whole family used to get together at their place on every Thanksgiving and that used to be the happiest day for the Reddit user.