Damp And Cold

The temperature was sure cold inside the mine, he could tell because of all the light shivering he felt every time a breeze passed by him giving him chills all over his body. The sweat kept flowing behind his ears all the way back to his lower back. Below his feet, the path was filled with 4-inch deep water which wasn’t still but flowing. The water must have a source and the exit point. But where? But that wasn’t his concern at that moment. His flashlight was pointing towards the water flow which he slowly moved upwards to see where it was going and it was then he saw the end of the tunnel. He saw some strange lights at the end, what could it be? he shouldn’t have moved further. He was making the biggest mistake of his life.

No Light

The deeper he went inside the mine the darker it became. The place was like a dark space with no air movements nothing. All it was just a black blank dark space. Holding his flashlight and moving it in every direction it looked like he was a Jedi from Star Wars. The sudden noise of machinery and old metals singing together alarmed his heart. Holding his flashlight in the direction of the noise he heard something else which wasn’t clear to him because of the water drops falling into the water and echoing inside the mine. “Who’s there?” he shouted unable to hold his breath. But it was his own voice that came back to him. He held the flashlight with more strength in no mood to drop it, moved his feet towards the darkness.

Ventilation System

Only things that accompanied him on his adventure, a small flashlight, flowing water, dust, and darkness. Though there was a yellow colored ventilation installed inside the mine he could feel that it wasn’t playing its part properly. Something cold touched his back of the neck near his ear, startled by the touch he saw few chains hanging downwards. Even when there were no movements of air these chains were waving back at him. Christopher was feeling really weird and he could feel some unusual feeling in his stomach. He didn’t even realize but his feet were moving backward as if something was warning him to stay away from this darkness. He could sense some presence but who was it?


No idea of what time it was and what’s happening outside he was already 15-feet inside the mine. He looked back he could see a light at the entrance but the moment he saw at the front the darkness was ready to welcome him with open arms. Soon his claustrophobia took over him when one of the chains started to swing rapidly in front of him. He stood there for a moment in shock and his eyeballs kept staring the chain and moved them in the direction the chain moved. He felt like a person being hypnotized by the darkness. He could feel his heart trying to come out of his chest. He ran back to the light and didn’t see behind for one moment. He needed to tell someone about it, but who?

Call One

Christopher didn’t stop for one second until he reached the entrance of his house. His lungs begged for fresh air as they have already given everything they held. Without wasting any time he called his real estate agent. “When we went to ask about the place, we were finally told that the estate had actually been home to quite a lot of mining sites. A lot of mining was done in these hills at the turn of the century, and there are a lot of little mines that are scattered across the hills” Christopher explained. He told the agent about everything he experienced back in the old mine. The agent assured him that he was sending someone right away to his place. Christopher was relieved to hear that, his body which was tightened because of the fear started to get loose again. “This cannot be happening!” Christopher shouted and the whole house was alarmed.

Flickering Lights

Christopher thought he was far away from the terror which he left behind the tunnel but he was wrong. He was in the kitchen standing beside the phone he used a moment ago to call the agent. The lights started to glimmer. The flickering kept going for a couple of minutes and then everything was dark. Confused he searched for the switchboard of the kitchen and began turning the switches off and on. With no success, he stood there. He felt a sudden blow of breeze that touched his sweaty neck. He took out the flashlight from his pocket and started waving it in confusion in the kitchen. He calmed himself down pointed the flashlight towards the thermostat, to his surprise the temperature was down making his breath cold filled with fog when he blew it out. It was very strange about the temperature falling like this. It could be because of the fuse circuit, he thought.