There are times in life when we are in so much despair and distress that only a miracle could help us. We are hopeless that something great would happen. Life seems to be slim and monotonous. As if it is all a desert where the flowers of happiness are impossible to bloom. If you are thinking why am I so pessimistic then after reading this story you will also feel so. You probably would have your heart melting for the people you are going to read about.

Ben Garcia who was at his service of delivering posts in Arvada, Colorado mistakenly takes a wrong turn over a route. However, he had no clues that a single slip will lead to an unexpected day. Surprisingly, things did not end here, rather he had to jump into his military shoes. What happened that not so fine day?

You Have A Post

This is a very exciting feeling when the doorbell rings and the postman says, “You have a post”. And the craze with which we unbox the parcel or undo the letter is itself more exciting. When you are expecting a parcel that day and it gets delayed even by a minute, we get anxious. However, Ben Garcia was a mailman who had done his service with all his heart, but that day the stars probably weren’t aligned in his favor.

Hey Ben

This is Ben Garcia one of the finest mailmen. He has done his job the best and probably would have continued to do so if that day he had not ended in a miserable situation like that. He was quite quick with his work, making mental notes of the route to go by in order to deliver the maximum parcels at the right time. But…