We love beaches, don’t we? For the breathtaking views, for the immense peace, for chilled out summers, for surfing, for volleyball, for swimming, for building castles and even more. beaches are one of the favorite spots for most of the people, who’ll mind spending a day under the sun? Getting a little tan? Families visit the beaches to spend the most needed quality time.

Also, we are aware of the extent to which a kid can argue and question or become stubborn. Something similar happened on the beachside one summer morning when a girl dealt with the wild but didn’t notice what she was holding in her hand.

Indian Shores Beach

So, we are talking about a sunny Sunday in Tampa, Florida. A family planned to spend their day at the Indian Shores Beach. The family was all set for the beachside picnic. She was excited to build her castle and click pictures of it to show off to her friends. However, before she could even start building her castle, something was going to ruin her plans.