Both Want To Be Involved

If surrogacy was the option they chose, only one of the two women’s egg could be used. And as they wanted to share this responsibility of bearing the child this could not work. But there was no way with which they could give birth to the same child. This wish of them was too tough to be even fulfilled yet they were adamant about it.

So Different

In their words, both Ashleigh and Bliss wanted to be a part of the journey when their baby would step into the world. Even if it meant little involvement from their ends. They just wanted to feel connected with the child in any way they could. They both wanted to feel the baby inside them.

This And That

They had this thing in mind that while they both wanted to be involved in this pregnancy, only one of them would be giving birth to the child. While Bliss was scared of the pain during delivery, she shouldered this responsibility on Ashleigh. Bliss just wanted to feel the baby inside her for some time. Yet, again. How?

Various Reactions

The women discussed this wish of theirs with a few friends of theirs who are already proud mothers. All of them were very surprised by this desire of them. While some called it weird, there were others who said that this is just not possible and is being impractical. But one friend was a little different…


While a majority of their friends presented their set of doubts in regard to the possibility of giving birth to the same child, one friend of theirs told them that she had seen a video where something similar to what they wished was made possible. She showed them the video and something which was not known before was about to happen.

The Clip

Their friend showed the women the video clip she saw. And after seeing this clip Ashleigh and Bliss decided to contact the same expert under whose consultancy the entire procedure took place. Was it time for the women’s a little weird kind of desire to bear fruit?