It’s the small things in life that matter, be a special hand-written note from a loved one or going for a late night drive or a walk just to grab some ice cream. Or staying home on a Sunday in those cozy pajamas, ordering pizza and cracking a cold one with your friends while you watch your favorite team play. These small things in life give us immense happiness, but it can also end up the other way when the fruition is not what you desired or things didn’t turn out to be good.

Steve had anxiously waited for this day to watch his favorite football team “New England Patriots” lift the cup, absolutely unaware of what his daughter was up to. Anna had left a hand-written note for her father revealing some secrets that would hit him like a bus and break his heart, but when he gets to the end, things would make sense to him.

The Note

He was taken aback by what he was reading. He knew that his daughter was now a grown up but he never expected her to drift so far away from her roots. While he anxiously waited for this day to arrive to watch his favorite football team win, he found himself in a situation which he wasn’t ready for. Read this story to the end to find out what exactly happened.