Our lives are half fate and half our choices. And when such moment arrives it tells you what kind of a person you are. We all are born as same species but such events define us as individuals.

While watching movies like “Dunkirk”, “Hacksaw Ridge”, “The Great Escape” all of us have wondered for at least once about how long these people’s stories stayed unknown. And how they were unaware that their names will be recorded in the books of history forever.

This story is hard to believe yet its the truth that no one can deny. Why a sailor locked himself and his friend inside a sinking submarine? The answer is going to bring you to disbelief.

In Direction Of Danger

Well, our today’s story takes us back in the ages of war. Every boy who chose the soldier life for himself is aware of the risk involved from the very first step. The thing that scares most of the people is death¬†and a soldier always stays ready for it. Being prepared for death is a different thing and actually facing it is different. And even the greatest of thinkers can’t be sure of what it takes to decide between running away from danger and running towards it.