For Ethan Hunt aka Tom Cruise, getting out of jail was the easiest thing as the first scene of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol shows but real life is completely different from reel life. And in reality, breaking out of prison is no easy task. Prisoners breaking out of jail is the worst nightmare for a jailer. Prison is one of those places where no one would like to end up.

Keeping all the usual facts related to prison aside when we got to know about this story, we knew that more and more people should know about it. This story is one exception that rarely ever took place before, not that we know of at least.

Everyone Counts

Generally, in prisons, every inmate has a number for record purposes. This clearly states that each and every prisoner is kept under proper surveillance of the cops. And why shouldn’t that be? After all, in a place full of criminals, it is necessary to monitor all the activities going on closely to maintain law and order. Even if one prisoner gets his way out of the prison, it can become the next day’s headlines. Just imagine what would have happened when more than one inmate gets out of the bars.