For Ethan Hunt aka Tom Cruise, getting out of jail was the easiest thing as the first scene of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol shows but real life is completely different from reel life. And in reality, breaking out of prison is no easy task. Prisoners breaking out of jail is the worst nightmare for a jailer. Prison is one of those places where no one would like to end up.

Keeping all the usual facts related to prison aside when we got to know about this story, we knew that more and more people should know about it. This story is one exception that rarely ever took place before, not that we know of at least.

Everyone Counts

Generally, in prisons, every inmate has a number for record purposes. This clearly states that each and every prisoner is kept under proper surveillance of the cops. And why shouldn’t that be? After all, in a place full of criminals, it is necessary to monitor all the activities going on closely to maintain law and order. Even if one prisoner gets his way out of the prison, it can become the next day’s headlines. Just imagine what would have happened when more than one inmate gets out of the bars.

Power Of Eight

Not one, not two, not even three but a total of eight prisoners got their way out. Were they planning on doing it since long back or was it all a result of some sudden events? Did anyone have any clue about this incident that was soon going to take place? Where was the security? Did they succeed in running away? Well, the breaking out of eight inmates wasn’t a rumor that’s for sure.

Life Behind The Bars

Life behind the bars is completely opposite from the outside world. Inmates don’t have the right to do most of the things a free civilian is allowed to do. While most of the inmates have dark memories related to prison life some manage to live through a not so bad life behind the bars. Although every inmate thinks of running away for at least one moment, there are few who actually act upon this thought and make an escape. But this escape was nothing like any other that you’ve heard of in the past.

Parker County Jail

Parker County Jail is located at 612 Jameson St., Weatherford, Texas. Yes, this is the place where all this took place. The place is not so highly ranked when we talk about escapes. Inmates were able to escape from the Parker County Jail several times in the past. But never before a group of 8 managed to break out… So. how did it happen now?

Jailer Gary Grimm

Apart from the eight prisoners who managed to break out of the prison, there’s one more person who was related to this incident, so closely, that you might think of him as the reason for these prisoners’ actions. However, we already told you that the true story isn’t what it’ll actually look like. This man was Parker County jailer Gary Grimm.

A Husband And A Father

Gary Grimm, a resident of Weatherford, Texas, lived with his family nearby his work location, ie, the jail. He has been working at the Parker County jail for most his job years. He was now a senior member in the jail with years and years of experience with him. Certainly, he was one of the most trusted and most known of all the employees.