In the Flesh

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Brant Pinvidic was definitely not a vegetarian so he had no doubt devoured many turkeys on several Thanksgiving dinners in the past. He did not know what to expect when he made his way to meet the birds. Pinvidic’s views were about to change forever.

Unaware and Unexpected

Picking a Thanksgiving TurkeyHe reached the farm and was now time for Pinvidic to pick the turkey he wanted. He made a decision to try something that has most likely never happened on a turkey farm. He did not know it at the time but his decision was about to change lives for the better.

Adopt a Thanksgiving Turkey?

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Since Pinvidic loved to adopt many pets as we have mentioned before, he suddenly chose to save a lucky turkey that stayed in the slaughterhouse. “I thought that it would be nice to go rescue one of those turkeys and pardon him,” Pinvidic later revealed.

Doing Something Different

Adopting a Thanksgiving TurkeySince he had already adopted a few chickens, he made the decision to save the turkey to show his kids that animals need to get saved. “It was a symbolic gesture,” he further explained. But Pinvidic did something else just before he made his exit.

I’ll Take ‘Em Both

Image result for turkey albertPinvidic had already picked one lucky turkey to bring home. Before he left, he made a decision to adopt another one too. So, in the end, he took a male and female turkey. Since he already had a few birds at home, he did not see the mistake in adding some more.

Albert The Turkey

Image result for turkey albertHe then made his way home excitedly and soon placed the two turkeys in a coop. He decided to give them names. He called them Albert and Princess. In the end, Albert the Turkey was about to show Brant and his whole family a very different Thanksgiving dinner experience.