Our today’s story might remind you of those awkward mistakes that you might have done during your teenage, that’s not what this story is all about though. It’s about a man’s strong determination to keep a young age promise for over half a decade until his wife finally loses her patience.

Thousands of people were intrigued by this old man’s decades-old promise that he made to himself after his first love broke his heart. When what was left in between years ago was finally completed, the truth just became unbearable for everyone.

Truth Of Teen

As children, we don’t care at all, we would wear anything and try to execute all the silly ideas that cross our minds. Sadly, on our ways to grow up there comes the teen phase in our lives, it confuses us to the core, either makes us care way too much or not even a bit, and even irritates us for tiniest reasons. Growing up from this age is when one realizes that the concept of childhood was indeed the best of all. Once aware of this truth, that’s when a person really grows up.

Adrian Pearce is no other from the rest of us. Even today when he shares stories from his school days with his children, he realizes how different he has been as a young boy from what he is today as an old man. 

Heights Of Embarrassment

Most people experience their first love during their teenage. Maybe that’s the reason why the majority of first relationship experiences have something or the other embarrassing about it. First love is unforgettable and when it’s over, the young heartbreaks get unbearable. After all, it’s the first time that most of the teens feel this kind of pain. All the troubles of the world are on one side and the love issues on the other side.

Now when Adrian looks back at his life, he realizes how everything has been constantly changing in his life but one thing remained the same over the past 47 years. What was it? It became a ritual for the man until his beloved wife finally had enough with this habit.

Blooming Love

It started when Adrian was 17 years old was a senior year student at George S. Henry Secondary School, Toronto, Canada started liking Vicki Allen. From group study to school projects, they did everything together. Everyone felt they were in a relationship much before they actually shared their feelings with each other. 

Young CoupleThe First Love

The young lovebirds stayed all the time together but their relationship was meant to last for a few months only. In the short span of time, Adrian got so connected with Vicki that when she broke up with him, he made a vow that he didn’t break for the rest of his life. 

The First Heartbreak

The happiest days of the year were around the corner. It was December and Vicki had a gift with her, sadly, it was less of a Christmas gift and more of a parting gift. When she handed over the gift to Adrian he was eager to open it but she asked him to wait for it. And before he could open the gift, Vicki said that she needed to talk.

A Special GiftA Special Gift

Vicki broke up with him and asked him to unwrap the gift once she leaves. But the broken-hearted teen made up his mind to never see what was inside the gift. His first love left him and the pain was unbearable for him. Even though he kept the gift under the Christmas tree he didn’t open it. What he didn’t forget is to keep a condition to his vow.