Why So Expensive?

The famous mix-up raised many questions as well. Many people questioned how can a bottle of glass be so expensive? Jilly Goolden, a wine expert says that the quality of the wine heavily depends on the grapes’ purity and also on the scarcity of that specific wine.   

Not The Usual One

For those who don’t know, Le Pin is counted in one of the most expensive wines on earth and also it is quite rare. The company manufactured only 500 cases of wine. Naturally, its rate rises with the growing demand. The wine keeps getting more expensive with the time. 

A Difference In Taste

The experts are also divided on whether an average customer can differentiate between the bottle of wine worth $300 and the $5,700. No need to say, the businessmen were extremely lucky as they received the luxurious bottle of wine in place of what they had ordered. Moreover, they too could not differentiate.   

One Can Detect

Some see no difficulty in that. According to them, it is easier to detect as the wine would be very delicious. However, there is another group who said that they would not be able to make out that the wine is expensive solely by the taste of wine. The incident indeed supported the second theory. The businessmen very much enjoyed the wine but could not tell that it was so expensive. 

No Values

Some commenters took a different stance. They could not swallow the fact that such a costly wine was being sold by Hawksmoor Manchester when the region was already struggling with the problem of homelessness. These people criticized the restaurant in harsh words and said that they do not have any value.

Epic Reply

Hawksmoor had a befitting reply for that allegation too. The restaurant wrote about the money they raised for charities and also about their association with a local organization that works for the welfare of homeless and poverty-stricken people. “We have values,” they wrote. Well, just like the previous tweet, this one too gained a lot of likes. For the record, the tweet was celebrated with 11,000 likes.