At least once in each one of our lives, comes a moment that is impactful enough to change our whole view about ourselves. We think we know ourselves but at that moment we act unexpectedly and end up knowing our true selves.

For Colin Blevin, the morning of July 17th was the moment. And at this moment, either, he would become a hero or a zero and not for the world but in his own eyes. After all, what the world thinks of us matters but at the end of the day, what we think of ourselves matters the most.

Moment Of Action

When a construction worker rushes towards a suspicious car that was blocking his way, he understood the seriousness of that moment. He had to take an action and so he grabbed what lied inside and called 911. This incident became an eyeopener for everyone who heard of it. To make it more clear, we have to take you back at the beginning of this story…