“Addressing” An Issue

MarriedWithChildren-585x400A keen observation while watching the show would reveal the fact that The Bundy’s had their house being shifted from Jeopardy Lane 9764 to 9674 Jeopardy Lane. Yeah, realizing this fact will also make you laugh. The address was a fictitious street in Chicago along with the numbers.

Peggy’s Maiden Name

Al-Bundy-Surprise-Freak-Out-On-Married-With-Children_408x408It would be quite unbelievable now for the people to believe the fact that the maiden name of Peggy was Wanker. Yeah, now used as a slang for a swear word in Britain. But, at the time the show was actually made this was not the case. Obviously, it would get very awkward if the show was made now.

Mixing Storylines

5181RBP85KLThe producers intentionally mentioned the film Dutch during two instances in the show, when Al was on a plane and when he and Peggy went to rent a movie for watching at home. Actually, Dutch had in it Ed O’Neill playing the character of a working-class man. The movie was made in the year 1991.

Deserved An Emmy

tumblr_m3puhvnQId1qjhyjdo1_500The fact that the show was nominated in the Emmys for an astonishing seven times without winning it even once still amuses people. In fact, Married With Children and Baywatch are the only two shows to have run for so long without winning a major award.

The Banned Episode

familyIn 1989, the show was under a lot of controversy regarding the racy content in season 3 episode ‘I’ll See You In Court’. Eventually, Fox refused to air the episode. Terry Rakolta, Mitt Romney’s sister also attacked the show by getting its advertisements pulled down. Finally, the episode was aired after a long time in 2002.

The Dodge Fraud

AlBundyDodgeThe show apart Visa being displayed as Vista had a lot of weird scenes and actions by the characters which were beyond understanding. For example, Al used to call 1972 Plymouth Duster the ‘mighty Dodge’. The only possible reason would be the fact that both the cars were from the same company and looked similar.