Patrick Karabaranga

Who is Patrick Karabaranga? you ask. Well, he works as a park ranger at the Virunga National Park. This park is actually a very notable one that has done a commendable job in preserving wildlife. The national park is reportedly one of the oldest African national parks. There are around 880 gorillas that stay in this national park. They rely on the park for safety, food, and co-existence. The number of gorillas that stay here actually amounts to a quarter of all the mountain gorilla population.


So what does Karabaranga do? Well, he is a dedicated park ranger who works towards the betterment of the gorillas that stay in their natural habitat. This man aims to save as many gorillas as he possibly can and has done so many times throughout his career. He would sometimes pose a danger to himself when he finds out about infiltrations from poachers and traffickers. He does his best to keep these gorillas from those who seek to attack them. An attack happened in the park when the ranger was not available…