Is This A Party Or What?


There is no reason why you should not enjoy yourself while you are at a wedding! The moment when the wife is cutting the cake is the perfect opportunity for a photobomb. Do not dare to say this man ruined this photo. I know I would love it for years to come if we were talking about my wedding!

Homecoming Photobomb


After returning from Kuwait, Corporal James Bass decided to photobomb his son on his school’s picture day. It was only after looking at the pictures taken of him with his dad on the background that Joshua realized what was happening. How emotional!

Cool Kids And A Colder Dad


Here are four young ladies trying to take a cool picture on a dock. Either due to a frame error or a joke by the photographer, one of the teenager’s dad ended up in the photo. Probably by sheer luck, this man ended up falling off the dock at the exact moment the picture was taken!

Never Too Old To Dab


This man is proving you do not have to be young to keep up with the social trends. Here he is, photobombing and dabbing his way to legendary land. Here is his daughter’s caption on Instagram: “me- oh what a cute pic. me- oh what’s that in the background. me-oh just my dad photo bomb dabbing in a sweater of Santa dabbing. me- ????”

Not Without Me


This turned out to be a very funny photo due to both the dad’s and the daughters’ expressions. They probably decided to go with it when they noticed their father was photobombing their picture and can be seen laughing out loud!

Even The President Photobombs


Being the president of the USA does not stop you from being a funny dad. When at a Christmas dinner with his family in Florida, Trump decided to photobomb his child’s photo. His son Barron got the rabbit ears and Donald Trump Jr. shared the photo on Twitter saying “Ha, now that’s a photo-bomb.”