Gydan Peninsula is a lesser known part of Siberia that shot to fame when a cup was found beneath its icy ground. Would you believe this groundbreaking discovery was made accidentally? A group of scientists made their way to the Gydan Peninsula to study its soil. They were excavating the region when their tool hit a cup. It was a burial cup that led to another amazing discovery. The team found a graveyard. It was not a usual one but a unique one. No need to say, this came as an utter surprise for the researchers who decided to investigate as to why this graveyard serving as a final resting place for children only appeared in the middle of nowhere. That also when the settlements were far away from the place of discussion. Their questions met some startling answers.

 The Cold Siberian Tundra

You might have never heard the name of Gydan Peninsula before. It is a feature of Siberian Coast near Kara sea.  This peninsula is a small sized one with the length of 400km and width of 360 km. No need to say it is one of the least popular regions of the earth. One reason for this could be the icy climate that makes it a difficult place to live in.