Stroll On The Beach

There was one thing that the crew really enjoyed doing. The two dogs, Storm, and Sarah always loved to go and take a long stroll along Port Jefferson Harbor. This was a beach very close to Freeley’s home. Mark could get the hint as to why they loved spending time there so much. He believes that the two dogs like this route because they are mesmerized by the sight of boats that sail from and to the harbor.

One Particular Weekend

And since this was the one physical activity that the three of them enjoy doing, Mark always made sure they did so. He would always try and walk his dogs as much as he possibly could at the beach near his house. However, sometimes due to his busy schedule, he would take them out only on the weekends. One of those weekends, Storm ended up behaving in a way no one could ever imagine…

The Afternoon

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So when Mark took both his adorable dogs to the beach for another typical beach stroll, something incredible happened. This was during the middle of July, and the weather was blazing hot. Even though it was hot in the summer, Mark’s two dogs were not hesitant to go out at all, in fact, they were very excited. Since the ocean breeze was fresh and abundant, they were okay…

A Beautiful Beach Day

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So when they got to the beach, even though Mark was fearful that the heat might be too much, he was relieved to see that the beach was not that bad. He was happy to see that the breeze made up for the hot weather. They went about their usual route as they enjoyed the waves hugging the sands of the beach. It was indeed a majestic scene and a wonderful day until…

Storm In The Water

And while they were all enjoying the gorgeous day at the beach, Mark noticed something about one of his dogs. He could see that Storm was suddenly bounding and went closer to the water. He was taken aback by what he saw but initially thought that the dog was overheated. New York summers can indeed get a little overwhelming and moreover, Storm was a long-haired breed.

His True Intent

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Whenever they went to the beach, the dogs really liked to walk on the sand and play around. But this time, it was a little different because he had never seen his dog get so close to the water. Mark became quite intrigued because in all those times they went to the beach, Storm had never done this before. But after some time. he could see the real reason why Storm did what he did…