Too Young

At first, Nicole thought it might be lint. She tried to take it off and realized it is Elli’s fur which has turned white. Nicole was confused. She was aware when cats grow old their fur turn grey, but Elli was barely a year old. She brushed this thought aside, Elli was black and white, maybe she didn’t notice this spot before. It was barely anything.

More Spots

Over the next couple of days, Nicole noticed a few more white spots develop on Elli’s fur. They showed on her face first, then some more around her neck. A few strands on her tail had turned white too. She had started to worry now, something was going on. 

Making A Decision

It was a breezy afternoon, the sky was bright baby blue. Nicole was on her way to see the vet. She was cradling the basket in which Elli was asleep. Elli’s fur changing color had freaked her out. She felt guilty for brushing it aside initially, for not thinking too much about it. But after seeing more of her fur change color she had decided it was time to see get some answers.

Consulting The Vet

Nicole was seated in the waiting area, her anxiety getting worse by the minute. The waiting area was strangely empty, supposedly people don’t come knocking at the vet’s door first thing in the morning. After what felt like hours, Elli was called in for the exam. Nicole asked if she could tag along, the vet smiled reading distress on her face and said, “I wouldn’t have it any other way”

The Exam

The exam initiated by taking a brief history of Elli to figure out any history of illnesses or disease or any symptoms Nicole might have noticed. Nicole told him about spotting the white mark on her neck but apart from that, not much was different about Elli. She was still active and very playful. The vet conducted several tests to get an idea about what may cause premature aging in cats.


To Nicole’s disappointment, the vet could not come up with an explanation. He told her he is not quitting, and he would like her to give him some time to figure things out for Elli. Till then Nicole can take Elli home because as per the physical exam, nothing is wrong with Elli. She was perfectly healthy.