Dale Hufford from Baltimore took the flight to Lobetal, Germany to visit his friend Mike Peters. The two were childhood friends and were about to see each other after a very long time. It was already December and the Christmas was around the corner. Dale was going to spend his Christmas with Mike this time. But that was not the only reason he was visiting Mike. The real reason was something else. Mike had told him about a couple of pipes that were sticking out of the ground of the jungle nearing his house. Well, finding the pipes was a weird thing as no one had visited that place since ages. The two decided to investigate.

Their investigation took an interesting turn when they found out a tunnel that led to an unexpected end. The two curious beings kept on penetrating into the dark tunnel with enthusiasm till they sensed the presence of a stranger. And from there on, a slew of strange events began to occur that turned their most awaited adventure into a nightmare.

Flying To Mystery

Mike himself was an adventurous person. He had gong on many adventures but never dared to go near those two pipes that had been protruding out of the ground in a forest close to his house. The boy had been noticing it for many years and even once thought of exploring the area but for some strange reason, he could not do so. It seemed like nature did not want him to go any further. The place gave a weird vibe. But was he going to give up so easily?