Aspiring Model

Adea Shabani was not just another girl as she was not only beautiful outside but she was beautiful at heart too. Just like other struggling models who wish to make it big in Hollywood, Adea too was looking forward to a bright future in the industry. She was in search of her fame and big break though she didn’t belong to any celebrity family.

Blonde-Blue Beauty

With her deep blue eyes, shiny blonde hair, and a model-like physique, Adea Shabani was a 25-year-old, gorgeous, and wonderful girl. One can’t get that easily an example of beauty with brains right in front of them. With a flourishing future in front of her, she was going on the right path but unfortunately chose a bad time for it.

Moving Out

As soon as Adea got her degree from the university, she decided to move to Los Angeles to start a career in the industry she has admired for years. Instead of using her degree she decided to make use of her beautiful appearance in the fascinating world of Hollywood. She was just a perfect type of lady for the new world she was moving into, however, little did she know about the cost she would have to pay for her dreams.