What Lies Beneath

Depths of the Ocean - Shark and Dolphins

Walker could not tell if the shark swam away dues to the dolphins surrounding him or not. He went on thinking about all the other sea creatures that lived under the sea. However, he did not want to be distracted because it would also enrage Phil as well. Phil did feel that the presence of these dolphins was keeping him from quickly reaching the finish line. This experience was so rare and so Walker did not want to see it pass by just like that.

The Coast Is Clear

Adam Walker Swimming - Shark and Dolphins

The dolphins did not leave Walker’s side and were a big help in boosting his confidence to perform a good swim. The shark being there did not stop him from feeling exhilarated. He found that the shark had completely vanished from there. These dolphins were there with him for about an hour even after the shark had left. Was the presence of these dolphins the reason why this shark had left?

What Dreams Are Made Of

Adam Walker Swimming - Shark and Dolphins

These dolphins were still by his side for another 30 minutes, but by that stage, Walker had jumped into the mindset of finishing his swim once again. It was truly a magical experience for him and they did help him remain positive and focus on finishing his challenge. Even their tails touched him a few times and so he was questioning whether they were there to protect him or just merely swimming with him.

Farewell My Friends

Adam Walker Swimming - Shark and Dolphins

Walker felt honored that the dolphins did not leave him behind. The shark would have stopped him from finishing his challenge if it weren’t for the dolphins. They continued to follow him for 30 minutes and it was indeed strange. The dolphins actually spent over 90 minutes to make sure that Walker was not in harm’s way in the ocean. Was it all over though?

Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

Powering On - Shark and Dolphins

Walker’s girlfriend Gemma Clarke had made some homemade soup for him. He made a stop to have some juice and the soup after the dolphins finally went away. It made him feel better but soon after an hour and a half later, he began to feel a little sick again. After 5 hours of swimming, Phil was cheering Walker on and he was remaining very positive. Was Walker going to be able to finish the swim with not much to stress about anymore?

The Finish Line

The Finish Line - Shark and Dolphins

Walker managed to swim the Cook Strait after 8 and a half hours of fighting the strong currents and skipping a few meals. It was a good experience that left him feeling quite invincible. It was definitely one of the most exciting swims ever because he swam with wild dolphins and a shark but still managed to finish the challenge. To say that this was an unforgettable swim would be an understatement.