From all the stress and tensions of life, what sets Joe Schmelzinger free is fishing in the calm waters of the thousand islands. The man goes on a fishing trip with his small family every year that washes away all his tiredness and tensions. He had been going on this family trip since the time his daughter had been born. It was fun for them coming back with lots of fish to show off to their neighbors and friends. This time too they went to the island but this time the island’s lake was holding something weird before them.

Ordinary Life

Joe is a middle-aged man who lives with his family in Canada. The man has a fixed routine that begins with him going off to the office and ends at getting back to his home. Along with spending quality time with his family, the man loves to go fishing in his free time. Well, this ordinary looking man had something very extraordinary coming his way. While living his normal life he had never imagined that one day he would witness something that would bring him to the limelight instantly.