The Rocky Start

The family was unable to look at the map for an hour due to website crashing. With the crashing of the website, the dream to hunt treasure and bringing back the duo also seems to crash. But the luck was in favor of Jody the website worked and they were ready to hunt!

Apart From The Duffs

There were dozens of other participants in who were living their dreams to be a pirate and hunt the treasure that could change one’s fortune. One of the participants said,” We think we’re on to something but every time we think you’re on to something, you second guess what the other clues about, so this makes it tough,”

The Quest And The Treasure

Finally, when the Duffs were playing the role of hunters, everything started to be normal. Jody and Brylee were solving the riddle and puzzles whereas Bryan and Logan went to follow the map. And they were busy cracking the hardest puzzles and reach the buried treasure. But what was the treasure? What was there in the box that could change the Duffs’ fortune?

Hunt Began

When Bryan and Logan were leaving for the hunt on road, Jody was still worried about how well things would go. This was because Bryan and Logan were still not talking. Jody and Brylee hugged them and wished them luck before leaving. And hoped everything works well.


Well, after leaving home, Logan was busy with the maps and Bryan was focusing on the clues. They both reached the place and started searching for the buried box. While searching Bryan kept an on eye on Logan and while he was about to hurt himself he shouted,” Be careful! you will hurt yourself.” On hearing this Logan did not reply but felt happy knowing that Bryan’s anger was now over.


After the warning, they both continued with the search. And all of a sudden Logan shouted “Dad! Come here!” but Bryan was at a distance so he could not hear him. Logan ran to him and said, “Dad, I found it”. Bryan could not believe his ears. Bryan hugged Logan and said, “I am proud of you Son!”