An Unusual Behavior

We all know that Domino’s has good pizza but this guy was someone who adored the food they made on whole other level. And so one day, after over 10 years of placing orders daily, the man’s orders suddenly stopped. It had been 11 days without a single order that came from Alexander and since this had never taken place before, it was weird.

Growing Concerned

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Since they were so used to him placing at least one order each day, the people who would take his orders felt that something was off. How come this guy had not ordered not even a single box of pizza for over a week now? As each day passed by the employees began to question themselves. They were discussing Kirk’s strange potential situations.

A Little Too Odd

If you had a store and someone kept coming back, you would obviously take note of who they are right? Well, since Kirk Alexander would keep on placing his online orders at Domino’s Pizza, the employees there received him on a daily basis. They obviously knew who he was because they would food to him each day for 10 long years now.

A Nice Person

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Since this was a daily routine, the people who dealt with him already had an impression of Kirk. The people who worked spoke about him claiming that he is a nice and friendly kind of person. “He orders all the time, so we know him,” explained the general manager. There was never any major conflict as such between the relationship they shared.

A Bigger Family

As we had mentioned before, if you speak or interact with someone every day, you are bound to get some sort of impression. Even though there was no actual calls or drop-ins that much, Alexander was always ordering from the same diner online every other day for a decade. This basically means that both ends got to know each other a little too.

Something Tragic Perhaps?

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For someone to be ordering for 10 years straight, there is bound to be some bond shared by the employees and Alexander too. And so since Kirk’s order was more frequent than most, the workers began to identify him as a family member of the Domino’s Pizza. He was more than a patron there and so something terrible must have happened for him to just stop like that…