Learning The Bad Habits

Both of them are sticking their tongue out and it is difficult to find out who taught who this bad habit. Can you guess? Well, whoever is responsible one thing is for sure that both are looking very cute by doing this. The mother of two says that they stuck their tongue out when they have to ask her for food. For mother, it might be a point to worry but for us, it is a great view to feast our eye on. The pit bulls usually put their tongues out when they feel relaxed. It is clear that the dog feels great comfort in the company of his little, cute and evidently naughty friend. Well, I think it was the dog that taught the little girl to stick her tongue out. It is amazing, as usual, the owner trains the pet but here it is the pet that teaches the owner.

Picture Perfect

26814720_10159773630465307_2815740045475073880_n.jpgLittle Savannah and her dog Loki looks perfectly cute in the picture. Loki is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier/Lab mix. They hang out together and pose together. The 10 months old Savannah loves to pull the already hanging tongue of Loki. She does it more often and surprisingly, the dog has no qualms. He instead showers all his love on her by licking her for instance, whenever Savannah pulls her tongue out when he is in sleep, the dog wakes up and instead of barking at her he simply lick her and sleeps again. Apparently, Both are very adorable and their bond is equally amazing. Next is about a dog who is desperately waiting for his little pal to grow up and play with him. How do I know? Well, his expression says it all. You check out for yourself.

Planning The Fun

The dog in the picture is Tank, he is the chubbiest puppy in the litter and that is the reason why he is named so. Clearly, this giant German Shorthaired Pointer breed is having an amazing and loving time with this teeny tiny seven-month-old baby. This breed is very much fond of human companies and enjoys daily physical exercises. They are also hyper by nature. Perhaps, Wrapping his arms around the baby the Tank is making future plans of the time when his little pal will grow enough to play with him. Then they’ll have lots of running and physical exercises. Till then, he’ll have to satisfy himself by snuggling with his would-be playmate. We hope, he will get to roll on the gardens with his small friend soon.

This amazing little girl in the next slides shows us the multi-usage of a dog. They are more than just a pet.

Best Place To Sit

Who needs a chair when you have a big, cuddly and warm dog that can also be used as a cushion to sit on. The five-year-old Sophia is checking a phone, probably of her mother, after plonking herself comfortably on the back of her pet that happens to be a golden retriever. What a great place to relax! Sophia is an all animal lover but Uma, the cushiony dog owns a special place in her heart. Uma also likes Sophia a lot perhaps that’s why she did not mind the girl putting all her wait on her. When being asked to not to sit on the dog, Sophia with a great confidence on her face and in her voice replies “But she’s my girl!”      

Not Again!

“Ouch, it hurts, why doesn’t she understands” this is what the dog must be saying when this little girl pulls her chick. This is not the first time the girl is troubling the pooch. She loves to pinch and poke her all the time, the dog, on the other hand, can’t do much more than making freaky faces. This is clear by that this small baby has an upper hand on this big giant dog.  The specialty of the picture is that both have worn drastically opposite expressions. Whereas the girl looks extremely happy, the dog’s expression conveys only one thing “Here she goes again.” Well, we really hope when the girl would grow up then she will spend most of her time in playing with her instead of pulling his chick.  

No, Not Anymore Please!

26991960_10214758118444670_1596006188090816438_n.jpgSeems like the both were not prepared for this picture. Look at their expressions! They look so tired. Perhaps they are tired of posing for a number of pictures. They said no more when the photographer clicked the button or maybe they just have woken up. The boy in the picture is Lucas who is two years old and the dog is Lexi who is a few months younger than him. Lexi is an American Pit Bull Terrier who loves the company of Lucas. She every night before going to bed spends an hour snuggling with her little mate. Only after having him slept she goes over to her resting place to have her share of sleep. And the next morning they began having fun around with each other. Isn’t it just the perfect lifestyle?