Jerry and Rita had a beautiful love story but this story is not about that. It is about the secret that this much in love couple kept from the world. It is about the side of theirs that they never showed to anyone. The couple had just shifted to New Mexico with their family and in no time became a talking point for the neighbors. They never talked to anyone nor did they let anyone enter their house. No one could ever find out why were they so reserved until the couple took their last breath. The couple had a secret and when the secret came to light it upheaved the entire country. They were not an ordinary couple.

Early Beginnings

Jerry and Rita got moved to the small town of Cliff, NM, in the latter half of the 1970s. The couple was together for many years and had been living a blissful married life. They had come to NM from New York City to enjoy their life to the fullest as Jerry had taken retirement from his teaching career. Jerry was one of the favorite teachers of the students and the credit for that goes to his vast knowledge in art and travel. He was an adventurous person by nature.