Reading the pages of history it is almost certain that Egypt would be called as the most mystical and historic place in the world. When the researchers started exploring Egypt they were left stunned by all sort of thing they discovered back in the past. Each and everyday archeologists from all the around the globe visit Egypt with one motive in mind and that is to find something extraordinary. We think Egypt is the only place where we are able to find so many historic things. Egypt has the Pyramids, the Sphinx, and incalculable numbers of ancient tombs of Pharaoh (kings who ruled Egypt back then). Still, to this day, researchers are unearthing new and amazing discoveries.

In the city of Alexandria, construction workers were digging the ground of a new apartment building where they stumbled upon something unusual that made them run away of their life. Scared, these construction workers left the area and when the researchers arrived to examine the situation they were taken aback by the discovery. Let’s see what this discovery was all about that astonished everybody who saw it.

Past, Present, and Future

Archeologists have spent most of their major part of life in exploring the world that was Egypt. In a search for more, they never stopped themselves to discover more and more. The area which made Egypt holds so many interesting things concealed inside that make the exploration something else entirely. Search in the present for the hidden clues of the past so that we can write the future. In Alexandria, Egypt, construction crew unearthed an unbelievable discovery of all time…