Family Background

Genevieve had a really amazing childhood. Not that she was the only kid in the family, but she was rebellious and was supported for all her good decisions. She did not believe in the words called “guilt or regrets” therefore, she used to take all the responsibility of her actions.

Setting Up The Goal

Puritan devoted her most of the time in reading novels and romanticizing her to be married life. Apart from her regular studies, she was an avid reader, good cook and showed her interest in knitting. Because she was an all-rounder, she was liked by all and was the talk of the town.


She was into lovey-dovey reading because she had a romantic relationship of her own. She shared a very strong love interest with a man who was a bit older to her. She believed in the man when he did not believe himself. She kept everything balanced in her love life.

Glorious Year

For Genevieve, the year 1949 proved out to be a good year. She was about to be graduated and had a healthy romantic relationship. She was all set to disclose her relationship status to her family so that they could appreciate her choice and do necessary arrangements for the upcoming event as always dreamt of, that is, marrying her love interest.

Not Planned

Before she could tell her family about the man she loved, she discovered something that made her life turn 180 degrees. She had no faint idea what was to be done next so she thought it better to confront her mate. As she did that, she experienced another shock from him.

All Alone

As Genevieve revealed the thing that happened to her in front of her mate, instead of supporting her, he left her alone. The point in time when she needed care and attention, she was left with no one. Her family was taken aback after learning the truth. Her lover parted ways from her which made her struggle all alone.