On Her Own

Renita was scared and zoned out when one kid came to her and said, “Ms. Bus Driver, the bus is smoking”, and that is when Renita came back to her senses and knew that she would herself have to take some quick step to save not just herself but everyone in the bus. 

A Plan

Renita quickly devised a plan. “I put the mic back down, undid my seat-belt, jumped up, got my babies and got off,” she told ABC News. Everything was going as planned but it would not be the same for long. 

Neighbors Came Out

As soon as neighbors saw what was happening, they came out for help. Some of them got a fire extinguisher and some got buckets of water, but it was all too late by then. The bus was covered with huge orange flames for which everything the people had got would be less and nobody could even think of going near the bus. 

 Without A Thought

But Renita was ignorant of the condition the bus was in. The only thought that struck her was that what if one of the children was still in the bus? And what she did next was going to alter everything. Nothing would be the same for her anymore. 

Motherly Instinct

Smith was a mother of two, so she knew that those twenty children were also her responsibility with which the parents had entrusted her. She ran towards the bus without a second thought, ignoring the condition of how the bus was covered in deadly flames and smoke. 

A Deep Breath

Renita went inside and checked every corner of the bus. When she was finally and fully satisfied that there was no child left inside, she took a deep breath. That is when she realized that she was standing in the middle of the bus that was all in flames.