The Best Of It

She knew that the venue they had picked out was one of the most coveted locations for weddings. So if they were not going to get married at the Belle Vue, it did not mean that somebody else could not. Kobie then thought to herself that she was capable of flipping this whole situation for the better. She knew she could get something positive out of it.

Making A Donation

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So after she confirmed with Skylar and called off their wedding, Kobie had a lot of time to think. She wanted to remain positive and not be swallowed up in the whole mess that had been made. She decided to make a call to the owners of the venue and within just 24 hours, she decided to donate the venue to another couple. So who were these people?

Any Couples?

So what Kobie decided on doing was to make use of social media to get her message across. She ended up using Facebook where she called on other couples that might be interested. She uploaded a post where she questioned if any couple was free to get married on October 20th- her now-canceled wedding day. Kobie waited for answers…

Free Services

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Since the venue they chose was a popular one, Kobie soon got a wave of responses. And her comment section was soon flooding with people’s comments. They came from caterers and make-up artists to photographers and dressmakers. All these folks were so inspired to see Kobie’s gesture that was offering their free servicing to the chosen couple.

Who Was Chosen?

And so after reading through her comments, by the time her day ended, Kobie took the names of dozens of hopeful couples. She had to find a way to pick the lucky winners. But how was she to choose just one? So decided to choose between the couples that had the most touching stories to tell. These were entered into a random draw.

Hard To Pick

So after taking a close inspection as to what these couples were about, Kobie could decide who was most deserving. She filtered the potential winners and this way, she would be able to hand the venue over to the most deserving couples. They would get a beautiful free wedding venue. So in the end, one couples’ story caught her attention the most…