Brodie and his uncle Ben celebrated 4 July by going on fishing. It was a special day for the 11-year-old boy who had got a new fishing rod a few days ago only. No doubt, Brodie was very excited about testing his fishing rod. His uncle was going along to teach him the nitty-gritty of fishing. It was indeed a great day to go for an outing. They went to Lake Hartwell for their fishing trip. Believe it or not, the boy caught something very unexpected only on his first day. It was not a fish but something that made them call the authorities immediately.

A Typical Trip

Brodie Brooks is an 11-year-old boy who loves fishing. It was because of his love for the game his family planned a fishing trip on 4 July. This time was going to be fun as the boy for the first time was making a fishing trip with older boys in the family. To top it all off, Brodie had received a new rod as a gift. This trip provided him the perfect opportunity to test it.