Fabiana Flosi

131Bernie had become a billionaire after years of work as the chief of the Formula One Group. He found himself extremely lucky when he decided to give marriage one more try at age 86, after getting divorced twice. Flosi towers over her 5-foot husband, as well as being 47 years his junior, but the couple seems to be making things work.

Stephanie Seymour

141Peter Brant added to the fortune of Brant-Allen Industries. His married life has been one full of twists and turns. He married Stephanie Seymour, a supermodel at that time. The couple had a child together two years after getting married in 1995. Things weren’t all peachy for the couple as 14 years later Stephanie filed for a divorce. However, a year on they put their differences behind them and are still together.

Malia Andelin

151At the age of 82, billionaire Sumner Redstone, the man behind the companies MTV, CBS, Viacom, and many others decided to walk down the aisle for (hopefully) the final time after he had met his future wife, Elizabeth Malia Andelin, in 2009.

Heather Ann Rosbeck

161Bill Wrigley, inherited the billion dollars chewing gum company that now sees him with the title of CEO. Married life has also turned out to be pretty rosy for him. He met Heather Ann Rosbeck, famous for her roles in ‘Shallow Hal,’ and ‘There’s Something About Mary’, and the two got married in 2007 in a ceremony in Colorado.

Wendi Deng

171Rupert Murdoch astonishingly married Wendi Deng, who was 38 years younger than him. But, after living their life for 14 years as a married couple, they finally split up. Following the separation, Wendi was offered an inconceivable temporary position at Star TV in Hong Kong – a difference in view after the separation at any rate!

Jade Foret

181The richest man in all of France, Arnaud Lagardere married his true love, swimwear model Jade Foret when he was aged 56. Though, being half the age of his wife, the couple are enjoying a happy married happy life. The pair also released a video in which Arnaud declares how much love he is in with his wife.