The Envelope

She picked it up in her hands and dusted it off. Other teammates along with her fixed their eyes on it and tried to make out what was written but the paper was so worn out that it was difficult to read the letters on the envelope. They knew that they alone wouldn’t be able to decipher the worn-out paper, they needed an expert to help them with it. Would they be able to find out what the scribbled letters meant?

Close Examination

They consulted the handwriting experts so they could help them decipher the letter. After a lot of examination, the experts concluded that the letter was written while World War 2 was going on. Now the big question in front of them was who might have written it and when the expert said the name aloud it didn’t take them much time to recall. It was the former curator who was in charge of the museum back in the days of World War 2.

Recalling The Curator

They had heard about the curator before because of his famous findings and researches. They were now pretty sure that what they were handling might not be just another artifact but something whose discovery would go down in history. They now were more careful and excited to unwrap the discovered piece of artifact and find out its contents.


It wasn’t an easy task to unravel what was hidden inside the massive cover. Their excitement was on the peak but they too were worried to handle it as they didn’t have any idea how delicate might the object inside it be. So they needed certain experienced people to help them out to uncover the mystery which had remained hidden for several years.

Calling Out For Help

One of the Archeologists requested a senior archeologist from another famous museum to help them out with the intricate artifact. Luckily, there were some archeologists who took the initiative to come down to the museum and help them uncover the mystery that might change the fate of many archeologists as well the museum itself.

Operation Begins

The next day, some of the senior conservators along with Dr. Maragret’s team began to unwrap the artifact that they had found. She read the envelope again for the newly joined team and discovered another surprising information about the ancient artifact. The note declared that the content inside the massive cover was found inside an ancient Egyptian tomb. Pretty old!