The United States Navy is known to be the biggest and most efficient naval force in the world. Obviously, the two biggest reasons why the U.S. Navy holds such a stature globally is its highly talented and hard-working personnel coupled with weaponry made using high-end technology and the constant zeal of the U.S. Navy to stay ahead of the pack by coming up with innovation in all the aspects related to an actual combat. Today, we take a look at the latest creation by the United States Navy in the form of an aircraft carrier ship named USS Gerald R. Ford. What this carrier is capable of achieving in the situation of an active combat with an enemy, because of its state of the art equipment is driving the whole world crazy! So, it’s obvious that you’ll be left thrilled to the core after reading about this modern day marvel!

USS Gerald R. Ford

This ship is the first of the elite section of United States Navy supercarriers and is a stunning proof of the US Navy being the most powerful in the world. It is proudly named after Gerald Ford, the 38th President of the United States who also served the nation during World War II combating enemy forces in the Pacific aboard the light aircraft navy carrier named Monterey. The construction of this sea-beast started on 11 August 2005 and eventually, this ambitious project which cost the government a staggering amount of $13 billion saw its completion on 9 November 2013, the day the ship was ceremonially launched. 22 July 2017, will be remembered as a golden day in the history of US Navy as President Trump commissioned this magnificent and intimidating warship on that day.