Mark Thompson is an ordinary man with an ordinary job. He is a forklift painter who loves his a job. The man has no hobby other than treasure hunting. One day he went on a treasure hunt with his group. The location they chose was the Sherwood forest. This forest is a part of many legendary stories including Robinhood. While hunting for treasure, Mark’s metal detector actually detected something buried beneath the ground. He dug the ground to find out what is it and what he found inside took his breath away. And from there on began an amazing journey.

Robin Hood

Remember Sherwood Forest? You might very well, it is the birthplace of Robin Hood the legendary figure. The man is well renowned for his act of altruism. Interestingly, he used to plunder rich people and would distribute the stolen money among the poor. It is still a matter of confusion if the man was a hero or a villain. He had a strategy of his own. He would target the rich people going through the jungle and would rob them of their riches in the middle of it. Now you must be wondering why am I telling you all this. Well, here is the reason……..