Choosing one out of the two people we love the most is no doubt one of the most distressing things a person would be asked to do. But the word “war” makes all the distressing things way more common for the civilians. During the most unfortunate of all the wars ever to be written in the books of history, such incidents took place every moment. From the infamous little girl in a red coat who walked expressionless on the roads of the Ghetto in the Schindler’s List to The Pianist who lived through the unbearable during the Holocaust, everyone had a story of agony.

One such story remains less known till date. The story of a woman named Claire Prowisor and her father, Chaskel Prowisor. A story of choices and separation, love and loss, guilt and redemption that will make you believe the unbelievable.

Young Immigrantclaire prowisor child belgium jewish germany poland

On the outskirts of Hamburg, Germany, in 1922, Klara Prowisor was born in a Jewish family with strong religious beliefs. Her father Chaskel Prowisor was from Poland while her mother Chana belonged to a far off place in Germany. She was their first child and they use to call her Klärchen with love. Luckily, the Prowisor family wasn’t going to live in Germany for too long…