6. Use Vinegar in Your Dishwasher

Products Needed: Baking soda and vinegar
What it Does: Cleans the dishwasher
Cost: $6*

Dishwashers are a luxury that save so much time and prevent many arguments about who’s turn it is to do the dishes. One thing to remember though is that the dirt does tend to accumulate in the machines and it is important to give the dishwasher itself a wash from time to time to prevent odors and dirt build-up.It’s really easy to do with things you most likely already have lying around the house. All you need is some white vinegar in a cup, placed on the upper rack of the dishwasher and some baking soda on the bottom. Run the machine on a normal cycle and the baking soda and vinegar will give it a thorough clean. Simple as that!

7. Clean Your Blender In Minutes

Products Needed: Dish Soap
What it Does: Washes the blender
Cost: $2.99*

How many times have you wanted to make a smoothie but not because you can’t be bothered to clean the bits and pieces? It is such an annoying task that most blenders end up lonely and dusty on kitchen counters, hardly ever used for this reason.Cleaning them is actually really easy to do if you know this simple hack. Once you’ve finished blending your fabulous fruits and whatever other healthy and delicious goodies, all you need to do is put some warm water and soap into the blender. Let it run for a few minutes and that’s it! Give it a little rinse and you’re good to go.

8. Use a Seam Ripper on Your Vacuum

Products Needed: Seam ripper
What it Does: Pulls hair out of vacuum roller brush
Cost: $1.99*

This might be one of the worst areas in the whole house to clean, the vacuum cleaner itself. When you open it up and look at the roller brush it is truly gag worthy. Hair from what looks like 500 people strung around the roller clinging on for dear life. Try to resist the urge to throw it away immediately and calmly get your sewing kit.The seam ripper is the perfect tool for cutting into the hair. Take the edge and maneuver the sharp tool below the hairs to pull all the hair out of the tool. Once you’ve removed the hair you can also throw it in the dishwasher for extra cleanliness.

9. Get Red Wine Stains Out With White Wine

Products Needed: White wine
What it Does: Removes stains
Cost: $10*

Wine stains are the worst for two reasons: first, they are really hard to get out, and second, wasted wine is tragic! Fear not, the solution to the wasted wine tragedy is (unfortunately) to waste more wine! Well – it’s not really a waste if it actually gets the stain out.Jokes aside, white wine is great for removing red wine stains out of carpets. Simply wet the stain down with water first, and then blot the wine on the stain. You will notice immediately how the wine removes the stain with ease. Vodka also does the trick and if you don’t have any of those on hand you can try rubbing alcohol.

10. Clean Your Computer with a Coffee Filter

Products Needed: Coffee filters
What it Does: Attracts dust from the screen
Cost: $1*

TV and computer screens are dust magnets, and that dust tends to be difficult to clean. This hack will simplify cleaning your computer and also make use out of those extra coffee filters you have lying around! The best type of hacks are the ones that use things you already have at home and this one is no exception!Remember to turn your screen off before cleaning and then simply run the dry filter across the screen. Sweep the screen from one side to the other, covering the whole surface. You will notice how the filter attracts the dust and gets it off with ease – this is due to the fact that coffee filters are lint-free!

11. Use a Pillowcase to Clean Your Fans

Products Needed: Ladder and a pillowcase
What it Does: The pillowcase catches the dust
Cost: $60*

Cleaning ceiling fans is one of those jobs that are so tricky and messy that we tend to turn a blind eye hoping that it will magically dust itself. Of course, it doesn’t, so we have to do the deed in the end. This hack will not only make cleaning the tops easier, but it will also catch any falling dust residue before it can land on your carpets, spreading mess everywhere.You will need a sturdy ladder and a pillowcase for this. Climb the ladder until you can reach the blade of the fan and put the pillowcase on the individual blade. Rub the top of the blade with the pillowcase and the dust will fall into the case. To wash the pillowcase after just remember to turn it inside out.