Doll Meeting

dolls last supper at work.jpgRemember Annabella, the possessed doll that changed everyone’s perception about it. But before that, it was Chuckie who gave a different meaning to it. A man when went inside his home’s long-locked basement, he found an odd doll arrangement inside it. It could be a playtime area of a little girl. Or these dolls can be the ones who get alive at night only to sacrifice humans to Satan.

Meet Your Secret Roommate

found room with a secret roommate jeremy.jpg

First, they found a secret locker and then they realized that they have a secret roommate too. That is what happened with a few students from Ohio State University. Yes! A roommate who had a room of its own that these roommates had no idea of. They found many things in the room, for instance, clothes, bed, textbooks, and a tiny sink. There was a note too taped on the wall that suggested the stuff belonged to “Jeremy.” Well by note it seemed the man was a good person by nature but what was he doing there?

Bombing The House

fallout shelter and water.jpg

The man took a tip-off from one of his neighbors who insisted that there was a bomb shelter buried beneath his house. Excited by this, the owner decided to dig his backyard. The neighbor was right, there indeed was something beneath the ground. On digging further, he discovered stairs that led to a shelter predated to 1960s. Not only that. the man and his friends also stumbled upon supplies like “Survival Biscuits” and “Survival Water.”

A Decade Old Bomb


Ever dug a bomb in your backyard? No, right! Well, there was someone who dug a bomb that also an old “BS Bomb.” This type of bomb was primarily used in the 20th century to discourage the rival power from going any further. They would stuff the BS Bombs with leaflets only to tell the enemies that they would be provided with good food and good treatment if they surrender to them.

A Toxic Room

Ever tried to go behind your bookcase. Don’t get me wrong but there are chances that you might find a different world behind them. Yes, that is what happened to this family who got moved to a new house. The house had a bookcase that looked very common. While settling up the couple realized that the bookcase was movable and then they realized there was a full fledge room behind it. When they entered the room they were greeted by a note that read, “I owned this house for a short while, and it was discovered to have a serious mold problem. One that actually made my children very sick, to the point that we had to move out.” Apparently, the note was written by the previous owner that wanted to warn them against the molds.

Live Wire

Linda DeForest was cleaning the basement of her house when she stumbled upon something. The penny dropped and she realized what was it she rushed to her husband and told him about his discovery. The couple sprinted back to the basement and the husband had his eyes wide open when he saw that massive, green torpedo placed in their basement. The couple immediately informed an army veteran about it who told them that it might be a mortar or an anti-tank weapon. To make it worse the machine was live.