Enjoying The Park
A Day At The Park

As we had mentioned, Joey was a lover of the public. He liked to play around the park and do whatever he liked to since he was active. One day, as he was enjoying his time at park all by himself, Joey met with unwanted company. He was just kicking his soccer ball around. The teenage boys who would bully him then suddenly appeared out of nowhere…

Seemingly Harmless

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And this was once again going to be a hard time for the young kid. He was an innocent boy who was not troubling anyone, so why was he always attacked and bullied by these teenagers? To the other people present there, it would appear as though they knew Joey as they directly approached him. Even though their demeanor seemed harmless, their true intentions were soon about to appear…

The Bullying Starts
The Bullying Begins

As the teens walked closer to the kid, it was only a few minutes before one of them began interacting. “Hey, kid,” one of them called out. “Nice ball you got there. Can I see it?” he then quickly added. And just then, not even giving time for Joey to react, the teen kicked his ball away. “It’s mine!” Joey then exclaimed. It was clear that they wanted to mess around with him.

Unaware Of Being Watched

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And then the teens continued to give the poor boy a hard time. Joey looked helpless and a little scared as he knew he could never match up to not just 1 but 3 teenage boys. “Come on, just give it to me, man. It’s just a ball,” the teen then went on saying. The teens had no clues that their every action was being watched by someone nearby.

Who Was Watching?
Someone Was Watching

And so, there was someone who had been keeping a close eye on what was happening with Joey and the teens. As the teen boys and the young kid were interacting in the park, a guy had taken notice of what was happening. He was actually right next to the spot where the little boy had been playing with his ball. He was busy on his tablet.


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This man did not have any intention of taking part with the boys and their dispute, however, something happened. Initially the way they teased the young boy seemed innocent but as it began escalating, his attention was taken by the four boys. There was an incident where one of them kicked the kid’s ball all the way to the other side of the footpath. Then the man decided to get involved.