Pick Your Food In Time!!

This is what happens when you don't pick your food in time.This here is the shining example of what happens when you don’t pick up your food in time, this is what remains of an artichoke plant. What was once a green healthy plant has now been evolved into a purple flower, and this kiddo is what happens when you fail to pick them up in time.

Wow! This Is One Huge Battery

This looks like an insanely large battery.Okay let’s be honest here, this just might be the biggest battery we have ever seen. But of course, as it is with all the things on this list, that’s not the case. We are sure the bowlers reading this compilation might know what this thing really is. For all the others, you guys are looking at the insides of a bowling bowl.

Mouse Maze

What we have right here is a mouse maze from the 1800s!I feel very proud in presenting you a mouse maze was originally built in the 1800’s! Lol! Okay, jokes aside this is obviously not a mouse huge mouse maze, but in fact, this is something much cooler. What you are looking at here are the insides of a pool table. Now, this is something you don’t really see every day.

I Feel Like This Must Have Been Used To Torture People

In case you've been trying to guess what each object is, just so you know, this is definitely not a medieval torture device. In case you too are trying your best to guess what this peculiar looking object is, let us just put it out right now, this is definitely not something that was used to torture people within medieval times. Actually, this is a cast which is actually used for casting Ronald McDonald. I think it’s fair to assume no kid is going to be playing anywhere near this thing.

I Would Put This On My Car Window

This could be a really cool sticker to put on your car's window, but...Well, this bizarre looking thing seems like a prop from a movie about cyber spiders or mechanized arachnids. But looks can often be deceiving. You will be absolutely stunned to know that this thing here is actually what the insides of an electronic dartboard look like. Stay tuned because we can bet next one will amaze you as much if not more.

An Ordinary Tree-Bark?

This just looks like some ordinary tree bark, but nothing could be further from the truth.While to some of us it might appear to be just an ordinary tree bark, but that couldn’t possibly be farther from the truth. Though it is a bark, it belongs to a cinnamon tree. Yeah, you read it correctly, it’s the same bark that you put in your hot cocoa. But unlike what many assume, this thing comes straight from the bark of a tree.